Bits & Pieces: Chicago #3


On the list of 123 tallest (over 700 feet, i.e. 213 m) buildings in the US there are 42 buildings from New York, 19 buildings from Chicago, 10 buildings from Houston, 8 buildings from Los Angeles, 5 buildings from Atlanta, Dallas and Philadelphia, 4 buildings from Seattle, 3 buildings from Miami and Minneapolis, 2 buildings from Boston, Charlotte, Cleveland, Denver, Pittsburgh and San Francisco, and 1 building each from Atlanta City, Detroit, Indianapolis, Jersey City, Las Vegas, Mobile and Oklahoma City.

In this picture you can see the 6th tallest, Aon Center Chicago (346 m), a glimpse of the 7th tallest, John Hancock Center (344 m), the 15th tallest, Two Prudential Plaza (303 m), the 72nd tallest, Chicago Title and Trust Center (230 m), and the 87th tallest, Blue Cross Blue Shield Tower (227 m).

(As usual, you can considerably enlarge the photo by clicking on it. Let me know if you can spot any other skyscrapers from the list!)



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