The Rainy City


Chicago happens to be a very rainy place lately. Since I’ve come here in mid June there’s already been a couple of times when I came home soaking wet. Plus, nothing makes the rain better than the fact that you have to get back home on a bike. Admittedly, after some point it really becomes fun. When things just cannot get any worse (which is about the moment your shoes start to resemble buckets full of water) it turns out that it’s terribly amusing to ride through every puddle on your way screaming ‘Weee!’. You know, kids really do have this one right.

Anyways, last weekend we had a pleasure to attend a vegan dinner hosted by one of our friends. While we managed to avoid the grand deluge, we did ride a couple of bus stops too far and had to walk a few blocks. We didn’t mind at all!







I have a strange fascination toward the alleyways. Don’t fret, I am not using them as shortcuts in the middle of the night – they’re just completely different from what they look like in Europe. In the US, their sheer, crude roughness is striking when compared to shiny, perfectly touched up facades, and so they give me a feeling similar to one I get while watching well-dressed people in misbuttoned shirts.


If you love the Trump Tower, you must always be ready to snap a photo of it. Even while crossing the street.


PS You know how a joke starts to be more and more funny just because it kept coming back to you, even though it hasn’t really been that funny at the beginning? No? Well, it often happens to me. As you might have guessed based on some of my previous posts from Chicago (here, here, and here), I really like to point out the Willis Tower lurking in the back of the pictures. And it’s getting funnier. So here goes again:


Willis Tower, or The Dark Shadow.



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